What is Kinesiology and how can it help you?

Just like your fingerprint every individual is unique.

Kinesiology is a holistic system of natural health care grounded in anatomy and physiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses your muscles (called muscle testing) to detect and correct various imbalances of the various aspects of your body.

These include the emotional, structural, and biochemical aspects of you. Therefore, any problem or issue that you present with could have an underlying component of one or all of these.

For Example: a new mother presenting with low back pain may have a structural component of weakness in the core musculature, an emotional issue of feeling “unsupported” by her friends and a biochemical imbalance where she is deficient in magnesium and dehydrated.

Kinesiology then balances these using a variety of energetic techniques, and recommendations are made for strengthening and addressing each issue.  This approach works with you as an individual to restore your balance.

The most common causes of imbalance in the body come from trauma, illness, accidents, and stress! Often stressors in the body can accumulate over time until a point is reached where symptoms may appear.

Kinergetics Kinesiology

Kinergetics is a stream of kinesiology founded by Phillip Rafferty which combines more traditional approaches with the healing energy of reiki. It has been useful for those who suffer from:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Trauma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ pain
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

It can be helpful for many other ailments

It goes deep very quickly, and many clients will speak of big shifts in their healing after only a session or two.

It also gives you conscious awareness of the underlying reasons for your problem so that you can take meaningful action in your life.  Kinergetics is unique in that its primary focus is getting your body out of the fight/flight response and improving hydration so that your body’s innate healing ability is restored.

The connections between trauma, dehydration, various nutrient deficiencies and consequently pain and other chronic syndromes have been established with this modality. We simply cannot ignore the influence of our past or current stress on our health.

Please note that kinesiology does not diagnose or treat any diseases, it balances energy, and it is recommended to see your GP if you have any concerns.

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