My unique, holistic, and integrated treatment sessions include diagnosis, manual therapies (including massage), myofascial stretching therapy, exercise prescription and Kinesiology balances.

Health Fund Rebates

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Initial Appointment $150

Duration: 90 mins

  • Full medical history & assessment
  • A combination of modalities
  • Goal setting

Standard Appointment $130

Duration: 60 mins

  • Progress discussion & movement re-assessment
  • Follow up session – combination of modalities
  • Re-assessment of goals

Extended Appointment $180

Duration: 90 mins

  • Progress discussion & movement re-assessment
  • Follow up session – combination of modalities
  • Re-assessment of goals

You’ll have a personal session plan

When you come and experience a session with me, you’ll leave feeling you’ve taken a significant step towards bringing your body and health back into balance.

Together we’ll identify where your imbalances lie, which will illuminate your pathway to a future where change is possible.

I look forward to working with you!

I’m committed to providing inclusive and holistic injury assessments, and I’m passionate about ensuring the highest quality session programs are developed, to cater to everyone’s specific needs or requirements.

If you want a different result, you must try a different approach!

Your session with me will involve a thorough history of your presenting issue along with any other relevant information that could be a contributing factor to your imbalance.

I’m here to really listen to you and pick up on the many subtle clues you are sharing.

A physical examination will then take place where I look at your posture, strength, range of motion, movement patterns and other physical signs and symptoms that are relevant. A comprehensive “before picture” is important to track progress and measure your success!

Setting goals for your recovery is very important

We then set a goal for your session(s) and via kinesiology muscle testing we begin to work on removing the blocks that are in the path of that goal. Every session is unique therefore and may involve:

  • Hands on body work (Manual therapy)
  • MyoFascial Stretching Therapy
  • Kinesiology (to access the subconscious)
  • Nervous system retraining
  • Clinical pilates (movement therapy)

There may be some nutritional balances come up in your session and we will discuss those as well.  Remember Kinesiology balances energy; it does not diagnose deficiencies or disease.

My Testimonials

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I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about your injuries, my treatment process or treatment fees.

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