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Over the past 20 years as a Physiotherapist I have come to understand that healing from any injury, disease or problem in life is a very unique process. Our mind, body and spirit cannot be separated and as such all must be considered when addressing an issue. This is why I began to incorporate “alternative” therapies like Kinesiology & MyoFascial Stretch Therapy into my practice. I also wanted to understand what role the Gut and nervous system played in all of this this too.

Integrative Physiotherapy just means that I am approaching you as a whole person. I understand that beliefs, emotions, fears and past traumas influence how much pain we feel, how we deal with stress and how quickly we regain our balance after trauma.

I believe that the path that joins the dots between our bodies (and what it is trying to tell us), our minds and our spirit is ultimately the road to true health and wellbeing. Lets join those dots together!


Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist & Certified GAPS Practitioner
Bachelor Applied Science 4yrs (Physiotherapy) 2001
Kinergetics Kinesiology Practitioner
MyoFascial Stretch Therapist
Certified GAPS Practitioner
Currently completing a Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)
Clinical Pilates

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience. The Back in Balance Physiotherapy clinic was originally opened in 2009, in Collaroy Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches. It has since been relocated to Byron Bay in 2017, where it is currently thriving.

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