Depression has an impact on both physical & mental health

What is Depression?

Depression and other mood disorders are incredibly common in today’s society. It is characterised by constant low mood, difficulty managing day to day and a loss of interest in life or previously pleasurable activities.

Depression leads to destructive negative thought patterns then feelings like overwhelm, frustration, anger and sadness and also physical issues such as pain, fatigue, insomnia and digestive complaints.

Connection to Chronic Pain & Gut Health

Chronic pain is strongly associated with depression and depression can lead to chronic pain. Overlap is very common.

We now know that depression has a strong link to the health of our Gut (it is often called our “second brain”) as this is where many of our neurotransmitters are produced such as serotonin and dopamine.

We also know that when the balance of good and bad bacteria is upset in our gut our mood can be affected. So we must address the Gut when dealing with depression and low mood.

Trauma & constant stress can lead to depression

We also know that trauma and constant stress can lead to depression. Kinesiology is amazing at finding these traumas and stresses in your life, helping us to become aware of how they have shaped our thought patterns, behaviours and belief systems which then create our reality.

Finally, stress and our negative emotions are often hiding in our muscles and fascia, so targeted bodywork – massage, stretching, spinal alignment, and mobilisation can help to release this physically so your body is relaxed, free and moving better.

Exercise is then more comfortable and enjoyable!

I can help you with your Depression

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