What is GAPS and why do I need to consider my GUT?

GAPS = Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome

The term GAPS which stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, was created in 2004 by Dr Natasha McBride after working with hundreds of children and adults with a range of conditions including autism, ADD/ADHD, depression, psychiatric conditions and many other disorders.

For more information on Gut and Psychology Syndrome click this link READ MORE.

Gaps is explained as a condition and treatment protocol as it has established a connection between the digestive system, the brain and the immune system.

All immunity begins in the gut

GAPS has since then also come to incorporate Gut and Physiology Syndrome because of her findings that all auto-immunity begins in the gut.

These conditions can include:

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Osteo-arthritis

  • Lupus

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Diabetes Type 1 and many more.

The Connection Between Your GUT, Inflammation and Pain

The gut wall is made up of a single layer of tightly packed, tiny cells which allow nutrients and water in while keeping a host of other things out. Our modern foods, tap water, prescription and over the counter medications, lifestyle and stress can all influence the lining and therefore the permeability of the gut.

These tight junctions in the lining of the gut become damaged and separated and allow things through that would otherwise never enter our bloodstream. This includes undigested foods, micro-organisms, parasites and other toxic substances.

When these foreigners enter our blood-stream our bodies will defend itself against them by initiating an immune/inflammatory reaction, which consistently over time can result in arthritis, migraines, chronic fatigue, allergies and many other symptoms and syndromes.

The damaged cells of the intestines are then not absorbing nutrients properly or producing what we need to be healthy and the balance of good and bad bacteria/ micro-organisms is also thrown out.

So a GAPS client may present not just with joint pain or migraines but also allergies, rashes, poor bowel habits, reflux, depression/anxiety etc all of which have a common starting point of a leaky gut.

I can help you address these issues

As a Gaps Practitioner I can help you address these issues by assisting you in choosing the right foods, avoiding those that promote inflammation, and support your individual progress back to a healthy, happy gut which means a happy, healthy you!

And with the inclusion of kinesiology balances and body work/physiotherapy progress can become much quicker than just a change in diet alone.


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Both my husband and I have been seeing Amanda now for almost 10 years – she is very professional and is able to diagnose the real issues quickly. Amanda also has a deep knowledge of the body and knows exactly what type of exercises and rehab to give you. I always feel great improvement once I have seen her and know I am back on the road to recovery. There have been a couple of times where I couldn’t even walk but Amanda really helped me through those difficult times. I would recommend her to anybody.


I have suffered from chronic back spasms ever since i had my second baby. I am happy to say after seeing Amanda and have some Kinesiology my lower back pain diminished very quickly and I am now back to normal and even signing up for the gym. I thoroughly recommend Amanda to all of my friends and family.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for your treatments. I’ve had great results with you as a Physiotherapist & even longer lasting wellness with the combination of all the modalities you practice. I always come away from my treatments feeling amazing. Also after all the years of trying to conceive we are pregnant with our first baby. I believe the balancing we did around conception helped us in a big way. Thank you


Amanda was able to help me see the things contributing to my pain which was more than just physical. This was very surprising and refreshing to me. My job has a lot of inherent stress and I definitely appreciate the tools and process Amanda uses.



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